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Talk about a writer that used POV and characters in an elegant way.  I started reading this series on the recommendation of my beloved husband.  He started listening to them last year on audio and I would often hear him chuckling are outright laughing.  He got me to watch the movie of One for the Money with Kathrine Heigel and I thought, sure I will read the books this was a cute story.  I read One for the Money quickly dived into Two for the Dough which was just as good as the first. I am in the que for the third book and am very excited to read it.


I have been reading many books on the craft of writing alongside these books and one of the things I noticed is the POV and character depth in this series of books is awesome.I love the voice of Stephanie Plum.  She is a no nonsense gal that is willing to admit her faults.

She does however always seem to  persevere, even if it is with help, over adversaries.  I love that the characters in her books all have depth.  I feel like I understand Stephanie.  She has a past with the cop in the first book and it causes struggles for her that so far has continued through the books. This relationship adds a rich component to the stories. Morelli is both a friend and to quote Stephanie “pain in the ass”. Her relationships are not just deep with one character but all the characters in the books. I enjoy seeing and experiencing the relationships the other characters have with Stephanie.  I especially love that she and Rex are so close and her reaction when he is in peril in book two.  It was memorable.

One of my favorite things about how Ms Evanovich writes these novels is that she takes the first person POV.  I personally have been unable to perfect this POV and I study her work, because it is perfected here.  I truly enjoy this POV because I feel like the person telling the story is vested.  I feel like the story is much richer by using this POV.


Finally, these books envelop the people that read them. You truly feel like you are in the middle of Trenton with Stephanie, Lulu, Ranger, Morelli, Grandma Mauzer, Mom, Dad, Uncle Vinne, Connie and of course Rex.  I enjoy returning to her world and disappearing from mine.

I not only feel comfortable recommending these books but encourage you to take the time to read them.  Truly enjoyment reading.

If you are a writer, take note of how well Evanovich pushes the reader through the chapters, leaving the questions at the end of each chapter thrusting the reader forward into the book.  She is truly a master at this and is worth studying.


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