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I wrote this for a class and just rediscovered it while I was cleaning up some old files.  Thought I would share it. It made me chuckle as the assignment was to write a dialogue, any dialogue.  So here it is!

Me and Mojo- Have a Chat

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“Hey mojo, why after all the things we have been through, why would you just walk out on me?” Wringing my hands I hold my breath silently praying that mojo will return to me.

“I needed a break.  You just don’t understand. When we get together I feel like we are going 100 miles per hour and I am just exhausted.”

“I understand, but together we get so much done.  Mojo, how will I get those assignments written if you are taking a coffee break?”

“I need coffee, you really push me hard.”

“PUSH YOU?!?  It’s your own fault.  When you are in full gear, I can’t keep up with you.”  I pause for dramatic effect.  “Do you understand that when we are in sync that we do great things.  I really need you to come back so I can get this assignment done.”

“Let’s compromise, I will stop by just long enough for you to like the start of the assignment then I will take my bre—“

“—Oh no you don’t,” taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly and quite audibly, “not again! Please.  When you do that – OH the trees I waste!  So many rewrites. You need to be here for this.  I need you to finish this assignment!”

“I just want to chill, and the assignment means I have to be all creative.”

“Well you know once you get started you will have fun.  You know that you just need a spark. Remember our last assignment?  Remember how good it felt when we started creating that plot line?”

“Oh yeah I remember it was pretty awesome!”

“So come on Mojo, you wanna  give it a shot? Come on back and we can start with a mind map.”

“NO! Free write—if I come back—I wanna do a free write!”

“Free write it is!  I am so excited you’re here!”

“Yeah me too so, grab a pencil and paper. OH get the highlighters too!”

“I already have them—so what should write about?”

“I think we should work on our book. Maybe do some dialogue work?”

“Great idea!  Thanks mojo for coming back.  I missed you!”

“I missed you too!”



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