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To get things DONE!  I am a writer! Why do I keep sabotaging myself?  It is crazy.  I love to write and I doubt myself, say I am not good enough start a book then get almost to the end and stop.  Time has come therefore, I have taken action.  It is time for me to take the bull by the horns and stop being so scared!  It is time for this book to get written.

This life of mine is not going to get itself all in order so I am going to make the changes.  I started by losing 27 pounds (so far) and am hitting the gym as well as getting my reading on track, I did something outside of my comfort zone, I joined (and paid) for a membership of Jerry Jenkins writers guild.

While my life is filled, my calendar is out of control but I have decided to create a plan of action.  I am back at this blog (probably going to pay for it too!) to hold myself accountable.  I am working hard to become a professional writer… so join me on my adventure, I hope you will enjoy some of my writing.

Excited for the upcoming year and hopefully the completion of my novel.  Maybe all three of them that I have started.  NO MORE EXCUSES.

2 thoughts on “Time has come…

  1. Golda says:

    Good for you! You might want to pick up one of the almost finished ones, read back through it and complete it. You can do it, whether you pick up where you left off, or start something new! Have fun with it.

  2. julesmarlow says:

    This is great, Erika. As people who write, we need to stop listening to our worse selves and rise above the excuses we make not to write. Thank you for this.

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