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It has come to my attention that to simply write is not enough.  One must have a platform.  What the heck is that?  Who really knows?  I do know that every mentor I have, has said sadly, it is a reality that writing a good story is a must but having a following/platform is just as important.  I am not big on self-promotion but I have discovered that is a must for me to someday get that coveted contract for publication.  Therefore, I have decided to take seriously this blogging thing.

I learned today that I need to begin with a “why” statement.  Everyone should have a statement that helps them better understand why they are doing what they want to do.  It can be motivated by money or a passion that you can’t ignore. (Mine is mostly the latter, but let’s be real, making some money at this would be nice too!)

WHY? is the question, WHY do you want to be an author.  It can be considered an important part of your origin story as a writer.

My why is as simple as loving to share the stories that are inside me, and as complex as the characters that reveal themselves to me.  My why is a desire to share good stories that engage and enrich the lives of the people willing to invest in my stories.

Another important “why” for me from a professional point of view is to provide honest reviews of products offered to fellow writers.  Writing is a tough business.  Not only am I expected to write a fantastic story, but I discover that I am expected to obtain an agent that wants me to already have followers that want me to turn out books.  OH boy!  That is expecting a lot from me! And I thought all I needed was to have a good idea for a book.  Silly girl.

After the wool was ripped off my eyes leaving nothing but tears and lack of both eyebrow and lash, I discovered if I want to get my book out there I need to do some of the “work” of writing.  What can you expect here at concrete detail?  You can expect some of my work (hopefully you think is a good), you can expect honest reviews of books, websites and other things that may help others that may want to write.

The idea that building a platform is scary to me, but I know I want to be a writer more than anything and I am willing to do the work to be successful in the industry.  So buckle up buttercup, it’s time to grow and make a difference in this crazy world! I hope you will share my site and help me make this dream come true.


One thought on “Building a Platform

  1. Golda says:

    Hmm, missing eyebrows and lashes is not a great look, but I’m glad you are building your fan base – a more encouraging form of “platform”. I can’t wait to see what you are creating!

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