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“Six trillion stories in one little box   – Which one will you tell? “

Writers gottaIMG_20180115_224729 write! Sometimes we have great days when we can pump out thousands of words some days we sit at a screen that screams at us, “Told you that you weren’t a writer!  Look at all that blank space.” and that blinking cursor just mocks us.  Sometimes we need a break from our project and we just want a little time to do something different.

Writing prompts are one way to do that, and my husband purchased a gift for me a few years ago called The Storymatic (there is also a set for kids, not so surprisingly called The Storymatic for Kids).

It can be used as a game, to spark creativity in young and old.  I don’t own the Kid version (yet) I do however own the original. This handy little deck of cards can give you a mental break or you may discover a great short story, novella, spark a novel or poem.  The booklet inside the box offers some great suggestions for how to uIMG_20180115_225114se the deck in fun ways.

I chose three cards, two gold, and one orange.

GOLD Cards:  judge, patient

ORANGE Card: regret 

Now let’s get writing, I will be adding a piece using this as a prompt and posting later this week. I encourage you to play along.  Share a link to your work, or post it here.

Looking forward to sharing something fresh and new with you!

If you are interested in getting this fun resource for yourself or a fellow writer, you can find it on Amazon HERE and the Kid version HERE.

Do you have a friend or loved one that is a teacher?  Guess what this would be an awesome gift.

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I have not received any product or payment for this endorsement.


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