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Let’s chat about community.  If you have interest, you seek out people that share that interest.  You find one of those people and you have a community.  When I started out seeking to find community, I linked around a while (I really was looking for love in all the wrong places).  I stumbled upon Scribophile.  This is a BIG site so I want to break up in a few post what they have to offer.

What originally drew me to this group.

It is usable in the “free” form.  Yes, there is a fee for the unlimited post of your work, but it is small and I understand to run a website isn’t free so they need to generate funds.   I went almost a year without paying the premium fee. So I consider this a site anyone can use.

The second thing is this is a very large group of individuals that offer to critique each other’s work in a kind manner.  You earn “karma” points the more you critique.  These points are used to post your work for critiquing.

I really like the way they have the critique set up. A critiquer has the ability to do an “inline” (which is very detailed) critique or a general comment.  I enjoy reading other’s work and have found a few individual’s in this group that I really am engaged in the story they are posting and I have the ability to “follow” the author and get notifications when he/she adds a new chapter.

The last thing I want to mention in this post is that each new work that is posted, can be tagged with the genre and little warnings if the writing is “adult only”.  It is a very helpful tool that allows me to read the writings that I can actually help fellow authors with.

If you love to read and would like to help budding authors with their work you can join this site for free and read some really cool stuff. You don’t have to be a writer to be a member of this community, you can just be a person that likes to read and has a heart to help new authors improve their work.



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