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logo-medium-landscape-ebbebc0665a26217971eed0421f92850ce9c1ede5c73b1e96220fba237b1c029Today, I am sharing a website that I find that I go to over and over as a writer.  I am sure once you explore this site, you will bookmark it for quick access. The name is pretty accurate, One Stop for Writers.  The wonderful individuals behind this site are also the people behind the series of books that are thesauruses created for writers.   I have previously reviewed one of the first in the series The Emotional Thesaurus, you can find more information here.  Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are the two powerhouses that compiled this group of invaluable resources for writers. These two women along with Lee Powell have cranked it up a notch in the development One Stop for Writers.  

The fee for this site is a steal considering all the resources one gain from the membership.  There is access to the site for no cost, and memberships are from $9.00USD for a month, $50 USD for a six-month membership and finally and in my opinion, the best value is $90 USA for the annual membership.

In this half of the review will be about The Thesaurus function of the site.  Once you have signed up you will find access to the following Thesauruses:

  • Character Motivation
  • Color and Patterns
  • Emotion
  • Emotion Amplifier
  • Emotional Wound
  • Negative Trait
  • Physical Features
  • Positive Trait
  • Setting
  • Shape
  • Symbolism and Motif
  • Talent and Skill
  • Texture
  • Weather and Earthly Phenomenon

Another fantastic thing about these, they keep adding to them.  Unlike the physical books (which I also own) the site will update you when one of these categories has been updated!  That is amazing! You will find that in these entries not only do you get a description of what the entry looks like, you also are given a plethora of ways to describe the feeling or things.  The writers hit on the five senses but take it further by adding what the entry may represent or scenarios when it may be used in your writing.  I would love to share just one bit of an example entry from HAPPINESS :

They first give a Definition: I will not write it out here but  I think this is important, as a writer, I want to know what the author was thinking when they compiled this page on “HAPPINESS”

Physical Signs and Behaviors:   Smiling  (there are thirty-five other phrases or descriptions on the Physical Signs and Behaviors in this entry. I chose the simplest as to respect the work the authors have put into the entries.)

Internal Sensations:  This entry shares things one might feel when happy such as tingling hands.

Mental Responses:  This is important for writers.  Conveying mental responses is vital to good character development an example of this could be positive thinking

Cues of Acute long-term happiness: Dancing is offered in this section.  I think of a couple that has been married for a long time dancing together.

May escalate to:  Several words given here.

Cues of suppressed happiness: Difficulty staying still (right!)

May de-escalate to:  Authors offer this as well.

Associated Power Verbs:  Glow, Beam, grin etc. (A total of twenty-seven words provided here)

And finally My Notes: a section where you can add ideas and thoughts for your personal use later.

Now imagine, you have this kind of research at your fingertips from anywhere you have internet access.

They have also made movement within the thesauruses as easy as can be.  First, a search function that works much like you would expect.  They also have keyboard shortcuts to get back to the thesaurus that you need, and if you click on one of the thesauruses you will get a table of content, of sorts which can be used to find the sought after entry.  Additionally, shortcuts via alphabets at the top of the entries to narrow your search even quicker.

This alone is enough to get the paid version of this site, but there is more.  I will be sharing more about The Stacks and other resources from this site tomorrow!


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  1. Love your tagline, Erika! And your review of One Stop for Writers is great. I love their stuff, and I’m glad others are telling the world about it, too!

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