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download (1)I was referred to Listverse through an eBook from Jerry Jenkins.  It took a long time for me to meander over there but once it did,  it was like meeting a muse.  The site has several categories and the lists are filled with interesting facts.

I like to write crime stories.  I went to the “crime” subcategory and found a list of Ten Women that Escaped Prison. It was fascinating.  I spent a good half hour reading through the list and when I was done I had several pages of notes for an idea of a story I was working on.  While this site can serve as a wonderful inspiration, the truth is, it is also just plain interesting.

The lists are informative and engaging. As writers, we are always looking for springboards into inspiration.  No matter if you are writing a  crime story or a sci-fi novel you will be able to find a list that will serve as great research starting points for sure!   (Disclaimer: be sure to check the facts in the list if you are using it as a research starting point.)

Additionally, for writers, I encourage you to investigate the Write and Get Paid feature.  I found this site pays for content while doing research for this review.  I must admit, it is great to find places willing to pay writers.

The More tab is filled with other helpful links.  On this tab, you will find the Write and Get Paid, Submit a List, Search Listverse, Our Books, and About

The following are what you will find on the other tabs on this page. I am also adding a link to just one of the list you will find within that tab (enjoy!):


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