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Poetry.  I am not a strong poet.  I do however enjoy playing around with words.  I am sharing a poem I wrote a few years ago. This piece is special because it is a poem that I wrote and actually like. The words of this poem hit the page and I saw a different side of myself as I wrote.  I found that I can actually write a poem and the peek into a different part of my soul. It helped me grow as a writer.  I thought it would be a fun way to end the week.  I hope you enjoy it.

Unnoticed Bits of Commonality

By: E.L. Hayes




A pen,

A cup,

A sin.

 Existing in the everyday.

What is the significance of




These the things that haunt mankind.


laboring the daily grind.

These things that intrude on our lives,

“I need a pen!”

“Where is my cup?”

“I hide my sin.”

The tidbits of humanity


the words,

the lies,

the stories

of our unnoticed bits of commonality.


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