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highWhen you write, it requires one have a working knowledge of a lot of stuff. It’s almost like you have to hold multiple jobs.   For instance.  My current work is a Christian crime novel.  I like crime stories what can I say.  It’s not the crime but the solving of the crime that interests me.  I am always looking for places to do my research to ensure my characters both antagonist and protagonist are accurate.  I guess you can say I am a writer that needs to have an understanding of what it means to be in law enforcement. I need to have an authentic voice.

In an online class,  the teacher mentioned that one place he went was to the FBI crime database! I was itching to check it out not just for my writing but because I was curious what would be on the site.  What I found was a goldmine!

The home page has “most wanted” images which I have used some aspects to create mental images of my antagonist. I usually try to mix in the physical descriptions because I don’t want to write true crime.  It is always helpful to have an image of a character to better write the descriptions.

Another thing writers need to keep on top of is current events.  If you like to write crime, this is a true goldmine as the homepage also has links to the “News and Features”.  These posts are actual events current and relevant to what is happening in our world.  Things I had never heard of “Sextortion”  I mean come on, how can you not want to write a story about that!!  Yeah, I thought so!

There are cases of the week:  Some of these are cold cases that as a writer you can tap into the facts to spur on a new story.

My most used tab is the “What we Investigate”.  This is a research goldmine!  There are multiple sections to explore.  In fact, the Super Bowl is coming up and on this page, you will find the behind the scenes security that took place for the 2018 Super Bowl.   Talk about an up-to-date place to get information for writers.

These are just a few of the things on this site that are helpful. Tomorrow I am going to share more on this site especially some things that are a bit less obvious. Be sure to stop back in tomorrow!

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