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Yesterday I had a few fun things on the actual FBI site and today I want to share even more from this site.  You can find it here. As you are looking for information or even ideas, you will find the FBI’s website a wealth of knowledge.  When I  dug deep into this site, I found a fun page on the History of the FBI.  This page is both helpful for research on the development of the FBI but it also has a link to Famous Cases & Criminals.  This is a great page for research.  If you are writing a historical fiction that has crime element, you will love this.

One reason the Famous Cases and Criminals is of great interest goes deeper than a crime novel.  One way to ensure your protagonist is given a strong antagonist is to study the motives and backgrounds of people that are willing to take a step into the dark side.  As a writer, I have a responsibility to bring forth the best bad guy I can.  This is true for crime novels and love stories.  Taking time to dig through (also known as research) the notorious, a writer can discover the characteristics, mentality, and mannerisms that make an antagonist.  Study motives it will only strengthen your writing!

Did you ever want to know how the FBI processes evidence? The FBI offers pages and pages of the ins and outs of the methods and resources available for writing your next novel.  You can also learn about what it takes to get through the FBI training.  Check out the Services page to get started on your research.

The FBI site is so full of resources for writers (especially for the mystery or thriller genres).  I encourage anyone that wants to write to dig through the stories, outline what these criminals (antagonist) behaviors can do to lend authenticity to your writing.  Every writer knows that researching is key, take advantage of the FBI website and dig in and get some great story ideas!



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