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Bookman’s Bathroom in Flagstaff, AZ

Inspiration, I know that there are all kinds things that can inspire a writer.  Recently, I was in one of my favorite stores Bookman’s in Flagstaff, AZ for a “stretch break” before heading back down the hill.  It was more like an excuse to go in and see if they had anything fun I could add to my writing collection.  I walked into the bathroom and found this beautifully framed inspiration on the wall.

I had a desire to grab a pen and paper and just write about this woman resting perhaps in a beautiful glen.  I love the peek of blue in the top left that looks like a portal from another world.

Where do writers find inspiration?  The answer is everywhere.  I have heard a word in a restaurant, a doctor’s office, read a new article, seen a meme on social media, my life and all the crazies that inhabit it, a cute picture on Pinterest all these things are sources for inspiration. One of my favorite places to get inspiration is to play board games with people.  People say some funny stuff when they are playing board games.

The truth is if we don’t limit ourselves, we can find inspiration everywhere.  Some of these things are meant to sit in our souls and marinate, some will explode and fizzle, but for the story-teller, there are some moments of inspiration that churn and bubble until the story is born.

Keep notebooks everywhere.  Anytime you hear or think, “Oh that would be a cool story.” or “That would make an interesting twist wouldn’t it?” write it down.  If you hear someone say something that makes you laugh out loud, those are good for scribbling down.  If you see a picture or an image that makes you feel anything print it out and stick it in that notebook.  When you need inspiration, just browse your notebooks.  Let them take you into the story that is waiting to be written.

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