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Happy Valentine’s Day!  I am being courageous again.  I am putting my work out in the universe.  While Valentine’s Day is sometimes said to be a made-up holiday I like to think every day can be Valentine’s Day of sorts, filled with love, with hope and a truth.

I give you a poem.  I don’t consider myself a poet, but I do enjoy trying to create something beautiful with words.  Happy Valentine’s Day! To one very special person,  I wish you a very Happy Birthday!


Learning to Love

A poem by E. L. Hayes

I’m learning to love

It is not such an easy task

Years of searching for just the right thing

Moments of happiness, fleeting and few

It confuses me

I look to the world, it is void

It holds not a thing for me

The days are long and the nights longer still

I look to people, they are empty

Searching alongside me for a truth

We are looking for a moment fleeting and few

Together we are alone

I seek out the truth to fill the void

I look to the Savior and find I am whole

It is a love pure and true

It is a love for me, for you.



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  1. True. It shows the hope we have,

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