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Recently, I discovered an interesting fact.  The average human lifespan has one billion heartbeats.  In the time I sit here writing this blog post (I average 56 beats a minute sitting down)  I will use up 3,360 beats of my billion. I thought WOW that doesn’t seem like a lot of beats, I better make the ones I have left really count.   I found three ways to better my life and better use my remaining beats:

  1. Put other’s first. -People matter.  It is a universal truth.  People need people and they need kindness.  I can for 3,360 beats a week (that is an hour) do something to make someone else’s life better than it was before.  I can cook dinner for a family, they don’t even need to be sick or in need.  I can do it just to be nice.   I can donate time, teach a class, help someone in need, I can better this world we live in.  Jesus Christ taught me this.  I know some people do hurtful things in the name of Christ, but I am here to tell you, HIS reason for being on this earth.  Put other’s first.  That is what love looks like my friends.  I can tell you 3,360 (give or take) is a small price to pay for a better world.
  2. Make healthy choices– I am a people, and according to my first thought, I matter.  To do that, I can use 3,360 beats (okay if I work out right it may be a bit more than 3,360- but you get the idea) each day to better prepare for my week by taking time to take care of my health.
  3. Follow your dreams – If we only get one billion heartbeats, we need to not waste time on things that are not part of our purpose.  My dream to write, your dream of (insert that thing you really want deep down in the secret place of your core) is our purpose.  I believe we all have a purpose and it resides in the dreams we have.  God put it in your heart for a reason.

I encourage you, take a few of your billion beats and consider what you will do with the ones you have left.  Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail can all wait, trust me they get enough of your beats.  Find a place where you can think and write down the ways you want to spend your billion beats.


One thought on “One Billion Heartbeats

  1. Golda says:

    Love this! So many ways to do for others.

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