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She’s cute, she’s ornery, she’s lovable and most of all she is mine! I would like to introduce my mini Doxie, Dash.

I have heard people like pictures of cute dogs and as a writer, I am lucky to have the best (and by best I mean she is pretty good at it most the time) writing buddy in the world. I thought today after a long day of writing and editing I would share with you a day in the life.   Dash is a certified Service Dog as well as a great editor and best pal.

We start the morning out with breakfast, this means that we will be in the kitchen for a bit (one of her favorite places).  See we went to the vet and the vet told me, (in front of Dash–mistake)  that we should give her soft food.  I disagreed but did find a reasonableIMG_20171222_144914

compromise. The vet said we could put her food in the bowl then add warm water to soften it a bit.  (It’s so she gets enough water. We live in a desert after all.) She likes this part of the day best of all.  This is Dash on her mat waiting for her food to be presented.

I would like to point out my eldest daughter understands Dash on a deep level.  She sympathized with Dash’s plight of all the tile in the house and bought a mat for the kitchen just for Dash. (She loves this mat and it cracks me up! It says Dauschund is German for “little pain in the @ss”)

IMG_20180118_155319Once breakfast is taken care of we can get down to business…mom’s writing time.  It consists of Dash sleeping curled up behind my back.  This is actually working for her too.  She helps to elevate the pain from my fibromyalgia by applying her body heat to my back, shoulders or whatever I need.  She is very good at it.  She often will know where to go without me even telling her.  It may look like she is just snoozing away, well she is but it is okay because she is working too. It’s a tough job but she has trained hard for the rigorous work she puts in every day.

IMG_20180216_195904Next, we have the job of making sure mom doesn’t just sit in the chair.  This is an even more important job and Dash uses every tool in her box (toybox that is) to get me moving.  She is very good at it and if you could see our house you would know she is well equipt.  She has more toys than my kids did growing up!

Dash takes this job very seriously and it helps that it is also about time for her afternoon treat.

One of her favorite jobs is “editing”. We all love editing (NOT) when I am winding down from the stress of editing,  is when we see a series of her best “we need to be done for the day mom” moves.  I like to think she feels the stress level go up and then pulls out all the stops to get me to be finished for the day.

This is the first move, she calls it “hey whatcha working on?”  IMG_20180120_144904

Next up the classic,” This is good but maybe it needs to marinate” move.


Finally, her “Are you listening to me?” move which also happens to be the signal for “its time for dinner”.  She is pretty persistent. She is a great writing buddy and she takes great care of me.  I will be sure to keep sharing photos and maybe a video of her playing with the dog in the mirror at some point.  It’s pretty cute! Dash has rung the dinner bell!  See you tomorrow!



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  1. Golda says:

    The perfect writing buddy! Adorable, as well as helpful.

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