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I am always trying to learn from other writers.   It is important that we, as writers, look to other genera outside our own to glean knowledge.  In this case, I have looked to Mac Barnett as his TedTalk title captivated me, as did his actual talk.  Mac Barnett is an author of children’s fiction and he shares some real gold.

His thoughts sparked a fire in me.  In children and adult fiction, it is so important that we learn to have these fun secret doors, it is so fun to think of traveling to a new place an unexplored world.  I love this concept.  MY books are a new world for my readers they choose to open the door and I don’t ever want to disappoint them.

Toward the end when Mac speaks about Niko, we learn that when we engage our readers they are loyal and that they also will be dedicated.  I want Niko readers!  I want them to invest themselves in my words.  Take a few moments to watch this.


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  1. David Hayes says:

    Great thoughts as always.

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