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Yes! It’s Monday morning and that means a new week.  I know Monday for some people is an excuse to complain, even procrastinate.  A few weeks ago I started using the hashtag #makeitmatterMonday  for my exercise post on social media.  I liked this thought because I felt like I was putting purpose to my workouts.  This weekend I was talking with someone that said she liked my hashtag on my post.  I have several #makeitmattermonday, #totallykickingbutttuesday, #workinghardwednesday, #todothursday, #firedupfriday. You get the idea.   She expressed that the hashtags were funny and inspiring.  Her words got me thinking.  If I apply these hashtags to everything in my life. Especially in my writing. I want to start out making Monday matter by sharing some tips for writers.

  • Write every day.

Even if you are not a “writer” you can keep a journal.  Those moments that you preserve will matter.  They are great for reflection, and more importantly for the ones you leave behind one day, your voice will matter.  Hearing it in your written words will matter to them.

  • Write about things that are important to you.

Life is short!  If you are going to put words on a page, make it be about something that is important to you.  The odds are in your favor (unlike Katniss) that they will matter to someone else too!

  • Read a lot!

Reading is vital to writers.  It also should be a part of your daily regime.  I would encourage you to read all kinds of books.  Explore everything, not just fiction, read poetry, short stories, novellas, magazines (of all types) and be sure to hit up that Non-Fiction section.  Reading makes us stronger writers.  Later this week we will explore how to read like a writer.

  • Kick your perfectionism in the rear, it’s okay to be human!

Remember there is a time to perfect your writing, it is not in the first draft.  If you are starting a new piece take your inner critic and shove her (or him) in the closet for the time being.  I have never ever seen a perfect novel, article, poem, etc.  Everything we write can be improved upon by someone somewhere.  You want to put out your best work but if you are waiting until it is perfect, it will never happen.

  • Be intentional

Be present when you are writing.  That may sound silly, but it’s true.  Don’t write filler. Make sure the subject and things you write about have a purpose.  Your writing should have an effect on you.  If you don’t change from what you write, then how can you expect your readers to feel different from your words?

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