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hikuWhat kind of writing do you excel?  Is it story-telling in fiction, maybe you are awesome at non-fiction, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, short stories, how about poetry?  Are you willing to play along with me today and try something new?  Let’s do this on Why not Wednesday.  Let’s reach beyond our norm and play around with words.

I have never in my life written a Haiku poem.  I love them because they focus on nature for the most part and have specific rules. I like both of these things.  I am going to attempt to write one on this #whynotWednesday. If I don’t do it right that is okay I am still going to give it a shot.  I am still learning.  I had to remind myself what the principles of a Haiku poem include. I thought it may be helpful to share them with you.

Important things to know about Haiku poems:

  • They usually focus on nature and is a Japanese form of poetry.
  • The author is trying to give a quick glimpse into a small window of something beautiful.  
  • Divided into two segments in which focus on one thing then another and a relationship between the two parts.
  • The emotion of the poet is shown and not told. Like an empty sky may show the poet is feeling alone. 
  • A Haiku poem traditionally is written in three lines, with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second line, and five syllables in the third line.

Using the image from this post, this is my attempt.

Sky once filled with warmth

Soon below the horizon

Cool water of night


One thought on “#Why not Wednesday

  1. Golda says:

    Nicely done. Here’s mine:
    Lips curving upward
    Eyes crinkled at the corners
    My face a mirror

    I don’t think I’ve ever done a Haiku before, so this definitely meets your #Why Not Wednesday. The question is whether I used my comma correctly.

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