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download (1)Seriously,  we live in a hashtag world.  I like the idea hashtag world because it gets to the nitty-gritty of our lives.  Hashtags are a flash summary of our thoughts! We are almost through our week of my made up hashtags for writers so bare with me.

Today my thoughts turn to the ever-growing to-do list that plagues me, and so #todoThursday was born.   To-do lists are great, and Thursdays are when I usually update my lists. Why Thursday you ask? It’s because it is far enough in the week that I know what I should have finished and still have enough time to get done what is pressing.  Yah feel?

Why am I talking about to-do lists on a blog dedicated to writing (for the most part)?  Here is the deal, one of the things I hear the most from fellow writers that drives me nuts is what I call THE excuse.  Yeah, I am calling you out, we all know the excuse and most are guilty of using it from time to time, myself included.

EXCUSE:  I don’t have time to write. 

I’m declaring I will no longer accept this excuse from myself OR from you! Not that you asked me to hold you accountable, but if you did, I would not accept this excuse.

Now the big question, how do we gain more time to write? We all get the same number of minutes each week, it’s 10,080 by the way.  It is not the time that is killing us, it’s the lack of planning and getting things done that is often our doom.

I examined my priority to-do list for today and I did something fun, I added why these things are on my A list. It was eye-opening for me to see if I was doing things that matter to me.

  • Prayer/Bible Study – always first for me, Why?  because it is the most important thing I do for myself.
  • Gym/ Menu Planning – why?  because I am important and so is my health.
  • Varsity work – Why? because my husband depends on me to complete these things for our business (This list was several bullets long of work for our business I needed to complete for the day).
  • Laundry – because I need clean socks for the gym.
  • Shopping – because I like to eat, as does my husband and Dash needs toothpaste.(and toys because she only has two toy boxes full).
  • Write Blog Post -why? because you (followers and visitors)  are important to me.
  • Work on my manuscript – why?  because if I don’t write I will never get done!
  • Critique a manuscript sent to me by XXXXX – why? because a fellow author asked for my help and I want to support her.
  • Read for the craft – why? because it is important to always be learning about what I love.
  • Read for analysis – because reading and analysis this is how I become a better writer and editor. (One chapter of a book.)
  • Character Development – I always want to be learning about the characters in my story.  (500 words on protagonist emotional wound)
  • Setting research – for my current WIP, I need to correct some things in my edit so I need to do more research. (world building needed for XXXXXXX in your manuscript)
  • Worship Team Practice – I love to sing it makes me happy.
  • Finish boards – because my sister-in-law is depending on me to get this done
  • Read for fun – because I love reading great stories.

I’m not giving you my to-do list because I think you care what I am doing today but because I want you to see, if something is important to you will carve out the time. While writing this #todolist, I also crossed some things off that were not as important as the things I felt needed to make the first cut, and added a few that should be.

I ask you on this #todolistthursday to take a few moments and decide what should be on your list.  If you are a writer, you need to be writing. To write you need to carve out time.  This is not just for writers, in reality, we all need to know WHY we do what we do. You will have a very happy life if you determine how you will spend your 10,080 minutes this week and the weeks following by examining the things that are important to you and putting them on a #todolist



One thought on “#To Do Thursday

  1. Golda says:

    I like your to do list. I have to do lists for different parts of my life. My work to do list is almost done, then I’m leaving early to go spend some time with my husband (don’t do that often enough) and work on the home to do list. The church to do list has a couple of days to be done, so that one is going to wait. I don’t put time with God on my to do list, as that is the most important and best part of my life, so it gets done.
    I’m going to be putting time with a friend on my to do list, soon. We both just need to carve out some time for that.
    Thanks for all you do, Ms. E.L. Hayes!

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