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Well, we made it through another week friends! Our final hashtag for this week #finishstrongfriday.  Let’s take a look at ways to finish strong.  Writing can be fickle but after we took time yesterday to examine the whys of our To-Do’s I wanted to present a few ideas on how to carve out the time to complete our To-Dos from Thursday and #finishstrongfriday

  • Track your writing

    Take a week and keep track of your writing, not just your word count but your

  • 865e678bb4b4f9602ab94953a5ece744writing.  Discover the times you are most productive.  Keep track of the time of day and the situation you are writing.  For me, I pump out the words like a madwoman in the midmorning while at my favorite breakfast place. Seriously, I can get done twice as many words when I am there than when I am sitting at home in my “writing space”.  I found that out thanks to DIY MFA. Best book ever on the craft of writing seriously 10 of 10 Highly recommend, would read again!
  • Make it a priority

    Don’t give me that attitude, I know you are busy.  If something matters you need to give it a priority standing.  Of course, my family comes first, but let’s be real. I can find ten minutes to sit down at the computer and type out something, anything.  This also means you must be consistent!  The thing is the more you make it a priority the more your family and loved ones will see it that way too.   Make a sign Here is mine. IMG_20180308_212328It is that simple.  The people you love want you to be happy.  Let them know you love them for it, and you are busy doing that thing they want for you.  DO this every single day Sunday through Saturday.  Do a writing exercise, a prompt, a journal entry it doesn’t matter what it is but if you don’t write you are not a writer.

IMG_20170818_171516A sign like this can work with younger children. If you explain when they see this paper up they will get cookies, or other forms of bribery, if they wait until you take it down to express themselves.  It can be a game.  Soon they will come to realize you will not engage with them while the sign is up, and hopefully, learn to leave you alone when they see the sign. (This works with chatty spouses as well.)

A Special Note:

Even though this picture may make it look like she can read or be reasoned with Dash, like most dogs and cats, cannot because she is a dog. She really doesn’t care what I want as long as her needs are met immediately. Let’s face it she’s pretty cute and distracts me easily. Speaking of distractions…


  • Turn off Social Media and your phone

    If you just said “Do what?!?” perhaps even followed by something like, “dis chick is cray”,  then perhaps you need to really follow my advice to #finishstrongfriday.  I believe the number one time wasters is social media – Yes, I am saying that and still hoping the entire world reads my blog.  We all know it is true, so do yourself a favor. put up your sign and turn off your media.  I know there are lots of apps out there that you can use to shut off social media for a time, but you don’t need to spend time looking for an app be an ADULT!  #adulting #adult #reallifeproblems.  Put your phone in the other room and don’t click the shortcut to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail or whatever else thing you can avoid.  When you are writing write.  We need to have access to our computers so turning them off is not an option, be a grown up.  Weapons-of-mass-distraction

Finally, as the word count is climbing on this post, I want to encourage you to really finish strong.  This is not an easy profession and if you want to be taken seriously, then start by taking yourself seriously, then others will as well.




3 thoughts on “#Finish Strong Friday

  1. tshawwriter says:

    This week I’ve definitely put off writing! After reading this post, I feel ready for a productive day!

  2. Haha. Yes social media is a HUGE distraction. Says the one currently typing on her phone. 🙄

  3. say what! Turn off Social Media and your phone… say it ain’t so 🙂 🙂 🙂

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