Concrete Detail

Erika Hayes, Author – Write like a reader, read like a writer and edit like a beast!


I offer you a piece written after the loss of a dear friend. He went home to be with Jesus on January 11, 2018.  I thought if my heart is this broken, surely his amazing family was shattered.  I thought how can I support them and love them in a way that could display how this man shared his life and love with many.

These words were penned moments after the news of his passing. I thought of my loss, then realized how very much I love and care for him and his family.  I pray I can be a support to them.  I know words heal, but still, the pain is new in my heart.  I have waited to share because I am still deep in the struggle of the void left by his death.


I thought to share, then thought again.

The sentiment clinging to loss is as unique as your fingerprint to mine.

Dreaming of a way to console or offer a wisdom that would right your broken heart but alas, I thought again.

Pain will not disappear by words spoken.

I will mold my heart, I will reach out a hand, I will attempt to sooth this thing you and I do not understand.

A tragic thing, loss. Uniquely, and alone we will one day learn to compensate for the void.

I thought to share, then thought again.  My words, empty in your ears.

My broken heart cannot compare.

I thought to share, then thought again.

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