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10267732That’s right friends.  It’s almost April and that means spring time.  Spring means fresh air and even better, FRESH ideas!  What better way to get your writing juices flowing this spring than to do it with friends.  April 1 is not just Resurrection Sunday but the first day of camp!  CAMP?!?  Yeah, camp.  Well, writer’s camp.  Check out Camp NaNoWritMo.

You may know about NaNoWritMo (National Novel Writing Month) which occurs in November every year, but the forces behind NaNoWriMo are not stagnant the rest of the year.  They continue to inspire and provide great things for writers and educators alike all year long.  I am excited because this is my first year taking part in camp!  If you are in need of encouragement and maybe even a little peer pressure to get to your writing, check them out here.  Let me know if you join and maybe we can be in the same cabin!


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