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You know that feeling you get when something comes together and just goes perfectly?  I do.  Sunday night the performance of “Life Begins After Coffee” a drama for stage went just about perfect!  The actors all in place, the music was sensational, cues were hit just right and most of all, people were transformed into the little world that I wrote.  They joined the characters as they opened up a story I wrote.  The night ran smoothly and the people I spoke with after the show were all very complimentary. I found myself empowered and a little overwhelmed by the accolades.   It is excited friends to see something you put so much work into coming to life.

If ever I was discouraged in my writing, Sunday night I found my “why” again.  It is because I love to engage people in the story.  To share the little peeks into the worlds that exist in my mind.  I know the blogging professionals tell us to shy away from too much talking about our personal feelings but I am bursting with excitement at the thought that I wrote this play and it was performed and everything went so dang well!  Thank you for sharing in my joy today friends.  Let me encourage you, writer, blogger, the student of the written word,  teacher, random human, whatever brought you to my little corner of the world.  The feeling of a realized dream is worth the hard work.   I want you to reach down on those days you are struggling, find the “why”  then go make it happen.  If I can do it, so can you!  Everyone is given one life to live, and it should be filled, every moment of it, with the thing God put in your soul.  For me it is writing, you may be a painter, or an accountant, a stay at home mom/dad, all your dreams are valid.  Dig deep and make yours a reality.  YOU CAN!


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  1. Congratulations, my friend. Congratulations on a job well done

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