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sentence-structureI heard a sentence today that I am sure has never before been spoken or written.  “My Oreo muscle is strained.”  Of course, I laughed, loud and long.  I felt the tears in my eyes as I digested that sentence.

When I was in college I read something about language that piqued my interest and has forever stuck with me.  I believe it was Noam Chomsky, known to some as the Father of modern linguistics, that described a unique phenomenon about language. The concept simplified is at any given time there will be groups sounds will form words that will be brought together to create something that no other person has ever said or written.  Language is unique in this property.  It will forever allow for absolute freedom.

As a writer, this excites me.  It’s what allows me to create on the page a group of words that can evoke imagery that will create lovely things for my readers.  My sentences may not always be completely unique, however, my stories are.  Often when writing, I may type out a set of words and smile knowing there is a good chance this sentence has never been seen/read before.

When you are writing, even if only on a post for social media, enjoy that you may be creating that unique group of words that form a sentence that has never before fallen on the ears of man.  Cool huh?

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