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free_books_onlineOh yeah, I have been meaning to add this to my blog if for no other reason but to give you a chance to get some awesome books for free or very low prices.  I mean what better gift can a person share with another than a free book!

There are a few companies that offer to send you a newsletter every day with the opportunity to get ebooks for free.  I wanted to share a few with you. The first one I found was BookBub.  Once you set the books you like to read they send you at least one in every newsletter that is free.  I have been able to acquire several surprising good books through this newsletter.  You can find BookBub HERE.

The second book newsletter I have found to be very good is The Fussy Librarian.  I have discovered that this site/newsletter seems to be a bit more spot on my interest.  They also offer not just Kindle ebooks but Nook, Kobo, Google Play and Apple.  (Not all these options are available for each book.  It depends on the publisher/author.) You highly recommend if you like to read, then you should give these free or low cost eBooks a chance.  You can find the Fussy Librarian HERE.

One more I have just recently started is BookGorilla.  I find this one a bit lesser as when you sign up you have the option to sign up for “ALL” of a genre.  This means if you like a book about religion, you will get EVERY book on religion.  It can cause you to struggle to wade through books you may not normally read.  They do however offer a large number of books each day.  They do also offer books about writing and publishing, which I do not think the other two do. You can find BookGorilla HERE.

There are several others I am sure.  These, however, are consistent in finding books that I enjoy.  Great writers are great readers.


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  1. Golda says:

    BookBub offers other types of ebooks, as well. I know they do Nook books through Barnes&Noble. Depending on the genres you select, you don’t always have a free offering, but you usually get at least one.

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