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IMG_20180329_160748Okay, kids, I’ve completed DIY MFA.  I have read through commencement. While this is not a blog that really focuses on book reviews, however, this book is worth more than one blog post but many.   If you want some of my thoughts on other books I read you can friend me at Goodreads (click here). I review pretty much every book I read there.

I want to put up a disclaimer before I begin, I personally purchased this book.  TWICE!  I originally bought it as a Kindle edition which was fine, until, I started to realize how much highlighting I would be doing.  I like to write and make notes in my craft books and quickly (by page 16) realized I needed the paper copy.  I also discovered that power-reading through this book would be a disservice to myself. I read the first chapter and decided to slow down, take notes and investing in the book (and author) would be to my benefit, therefore that is what I did.  I have over forty pages of notes not to mention the notes in the margins of the book.  YES!  There is that much goodness in this book.

This book is not just a book, but a must-have manual for everyone that is a writer wants to be a writer is thinking about writing a blogger or anything to do with writing.  YES!  It is that good. (FYI redundancy, in this case, is warranted).Why am I singing the praises of Gabriela Pereira’s DIY MFA?  Let me just list a few things.

  1. This book is not just pages of droning on about how to perfect a system, but instead a plethora of ideas on how you hone YOUR OWN system.
  2. It is not a book that only focuses on one or two aspects of the writing, but instead, it is a great overview of what it means to be a writer.
  3. It is not just a book, it is a community.  Once you begin the journey into the DIY MFA you will never be alone again.  The community that surrounds this book is outstanding.
  4. The book digs deeper into the uncomfortable things writers often struggle with and offers real solutions and suggestions to make the reader a well-rounded writer.
  5. The manner in which the information is presented is digestible to even the most sensitive. Filled with great ways to remember and visuals that will stick with you.

NOW, is this an actual MFA?  Of course not, it does, however, give people that don’t have the time or finances an opportunity to learn some of the things that are taught in MFA programs.  It is up to the reader to do the work.  Complete the exercises, read and expand on what you learn.  If you have never read and analyzed a short story, do the ones in the book then go get more and see how deeply it can help you break down elements of writing.

Please do yourself or the writers you know a HUGE favor, pass on this post!  This book changed my writing and improved my idea of what it looks like to be a writer, not a hobbyist!

To summarize, ten of ten, will read again, HIGHLY recommend.  Here are some links for this book

  1. Find the book DIYMFA here.
  2. Find the webpage for DIYMFA here.
  3. Find the Facebook page for DIYMFA here.
  4. Find the Facebook for DIYMFA WordNerds Unite here.



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