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Yesterday, I gave you the calling to the guild and now I want to break down some of what I have enjoyed as a member of Jerry’s Guild.  There is a reason that DIY MFA says you need mentors, you do!  One of the things about this guild is you get the expertise of a seasoned writer, Jerry Jenkins.  He has many books published and I love that he always is keeping me current on trends in the writing/publishing world.  A very gracious and giving mentor.  I am astounded at the time and energy he personally puts into his guild members.  What better mentor?  One that actually cares about you becoming what you are meant to be!

One of the things that moved me to sign up all those months ago during my trial period was when I found the section of the site that is filled with what are called “Live Online Workshops”.  I watched just one of these sessions and literally took four full pages of notes.  I think that says a lot about the value in just that one class.

I wanted to share just FIVE of the twenty-five titles of the workshops. These are always being added to as well.

  • How to Create a Memorable Lead Character (1hr 12 min)
  • How to write a Resounding Ending (1hr 29min)
  • Dialogue that Grabs Your Reader (1hr 32 min)
  • Show, Don’t Tell: How to finally master this Cardinal Rule (1hr 27min)
  • Nailing the First Five Pages  (1hr 28 min)

Now, I have taken part in a lot of classes and listened to a lot of webinars on the craft, the guild workshops are some of the very best I have ever experienced. The best part, I can watch these at my convenience.  I usually set aside an hour or so every couple of weeks to enjoy learning from a seasoned writer.  TALK ABOUT A MENTOR!  I can go back and watch them as often as I need, pause to take notes so I don’t ever miss a thing.

Tomorrow I will share more of the great reasons to be a part of this guild! I mean other than we can be guild members together! So go check it out.

Jerry’s Guild. com


Please note:  I have not received anything for the endorsement of this site.  I just love it and want to share it! I pay for it just like everyone else! 

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