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Life-Facebook-Status-23753-statusmind.comI have found in all things in ones life the only way a person can improve is to take the time to humble themselves and realize no one, save God, knows everything.  You can always learn from others no matter how small the lesson.  A humble learner will be successful in the whatever endeavor they take on.

When I was working in the Paper Arts industry full time, and I was devoted to teaching people new techniques and traveled all over the United States teaching and loving every moment of it. I was considered an expert in my field. I am proud of that, but I can tell you more time than not, in a class I would have a person that was new to paper arts ask a question or do a “step” in a different way and I would be amazed and left asking myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Newbies are the best because they are not bogged down by all the rules!

I share all this in the week of Jerry Jenkins Guild because today one of my favorite aspects of the guild released a new Master’s Class.

Jerry understands one perspective is not nearly enough for those learning the craft.  He also recognizes others in the field that are experts and he allows his guild members to have the advantage of his connections.  In the Master’s Classes, some industry experts share some valuable information.  Here are a few of the professionals a member of the guild has to access in the Master’s Classes:

  • Living Intentionally with Laura Casey
  • Writing Blunders and How to avoid them with William Nobel
  • Revise your Novel with Gabriela Pereira (yes, I have a writer’s crush.)
  • Effective Outlining with the true master of outlining K.M. Weiland (another crush)
  • Plot Skeleton with Angela Hunt
  • Going Deeper with Chris Fabry

All these and many more Master’s Classes are included in the guild membership!  Don’t get me wrong, I know it sounds sales pitchy, but it’s not a pitch.  I care about your writing career, I do! I don’t look at others success as a competition but as a blessing!  I want all my writing friends to succeed far beyond their hopes and expectations. This is why I am trying to share the resources that are in my humble opinion worth your time, money and effort.  Jerry Jenkins Guild is one of the best investments I have made into myself and my writing career.

there are only a few days that you have an opportunity to join the guild.  Again, I am not paid or compensated in any way for what I have posted, have no agreement to have any compensation or whatever for my endorsement.  I just really think everyone can benefit from the things on this site. I have waited for the guild to open again before posting my review simply because that would be super lame to tell you how awesome it is and you not be able to join. I really set my life goal to not be lame, so here we are!

Find Jerry’s Guild here. 

The open membership closes at midnight Central time on Friday, April 6, 2018.


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