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Here we are, my favorite thing about the Jerry Jenkin’s Writer’s Guild. Office Hours. Every month Jerry Jenkins carves out time from his schedule to address LIVE questions from his guild members.  I mean you can ask anything! Several of my own personal questions have been answered in the live portion of the webinar. Why is this so important?

Remember when I said yesterday that newbies are the best because they are not bogged down by the rules yet?  Office hours are a plethora of newbies (and not so newbies) asking questions and I am often surprised that I didn’t think to ask that question. Just like a live classroom setting offers additional learning opportunities that are not offered in a closed learning environment.  I have taken an online course in college and learned a lot, but there is something about being triggered by another student’s ponderings that can really be a learning experience like no other.

Now, of course, there is no way every question can be answered you say… WRONG! The Guild also has a forum function that allows for people that ATTEND the Office Hour section for the month.  If you post a question that is not answered live Jerry will then over the next several days answer those questions in the special forum thread set up for those office hours!  WOW!  right I told you he really cares about his members and wants them to succeed.

Something I want to point out, the events like the Master’s Classes, Online Workshops and Office Hours are recorded and available to guild members only days after they have been live.  Yes, it is a HUGE library of goodness for all things writing.  Jerry Jenkins and his dedicated crew have done an outstanding job to ensure ease of use and maximum information for members of the guild.

Jump over to the Jerry’s Guild and check it out. Don’t wait because there are not many days left for you to join.

AGAIN, no a pitch just a hope you will benefit from a great resource just like I did when I decided to take the plunge and join!

Please note:  I have not received anything for the endorsement of this site.  I just love it and want to share it! I pay for it just like everyone else!

The open membership closes at midnight Central time on Friday, April 6, 2018.


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