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RD_plcs_855_513_48It is #finishstrongFriday, and I want to finish this week-long review of the Jerry Jenkin’s Writers Guild strong!  There is really so much information on this site that I could do several more posts, but I think the idea of how valuable a resource it is will be firmly established with all the information I have given you over the last five days.

I would be doing a great disservice if I didn’t share a few more things from the guild that are available to members. The final three things I want to share are

  • Manuscript Repair and Rewrite
  • Jumpstart Courses
  • Bonus Material
  • Community (Forums)

I absolutely love the Manuscript Repair and Rewrite.  In these sessions, Jerry takes the time to repair and help with the rewrite of the first pages of guild member submissions.  YES! I just said that.  Usually, there are three chosen and Jerry turns on his camera and shares his thoughts on what can help the manuscript be tightened and made better.  He walks members through his thought process in editing.  It will blow you away how much you learn as he talks through the rewrite.  This alone has taught me how to recognize things I do all the time.  Isn’t it always easier to see it in someone else’s work? Simply put, this makes you a better self-editor.

Jumpstart course break up into two categories, fiction, and non-fiction.  Jerry understands not everyone is writing fiction and he has expertise in both.  The courses are a self-study course with assignments and reading.  Fantastic place to discover the big elements of a story.  In the fiction course, there are sections to ensure you hit all these craft elements.

  • Understanding the Plot
  • Memorable Characters
  • Writing Scenes
  • Understanding POV (Point of View)
  • Understanding Dialogue

Non-Fiction elements include:

  • Becoming an Author
  • Power Tools of Non-Fiction
  • Using Fiction Techniques in Non-Fiction
  • Writing Personal Stories
  • Writing Articles that Sell
  • Marketing Non-Fiction

The Bonus Material is just that. More classes that are specific to writers and filled with goodness that may not fit perfectly into the other places on the site.

The forum, while I am not a BIG forum user I do find that there are many that use it as a place to connect with like-minded people, critique partners and just networking. It is also where you can find answers from Jerry after Office Hours has completed.  I don’t use it as much as I would like but that’s on me.

Okay, so you now have the basic goodness of what is happening over at Jerry’s Guild and I really hope you can find time to check it out before the membership closes.  I would love to see you in the guild and participating in the live classes and webinars.

Check it out here Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild.

Please note:  I have not received anything for the endorsement of this site.  I just love it and want to share it! I pay for it just like everyone else. I also do not get anything for referring you to the site, except the knowledge that I have done something nice for my fellow writers! 

The open membership closes at midnight Central time on Friday, April 6, 2018. (That’s tonight!! Seriously, it is a tool you need in your writer’s toolbox!


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