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I have a hobby.  I love hand lettering.  While teaching a class on hand lettering this weekend, it was pointed out to me that lettering also (like writing) revolves around words!  I love words and clearly enough to have a hobby that celebrates words.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the lettering pieces I have completed.

I took up lettering as a paper artist, (yes, worked in that industry for over 18 years).  I really got into the art of lettering when I started verse mapping as a form of Bible Study. (If you want more information on verse mapping, just leave a comment letting me know.)  It didn’t take long for me to be knee deep in all kinds of beautiful pens, marker paper, practice sheets and well all kinds of fun things that allow me to celebrate the art of letters.

Here are a few lettering projects. Tomorrow I will share a few ideas on how to learn to love your own handwriting.  Learning to hand letter is not hard.  I will be sharing the TOP not so secret to hand lettering. There are a ton of resources out there. Tomorrow I will share a few things you can do to love your own writing and places you can learn all about learning to letter.

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  1. WOW ma’am! I would love to learn those techniques. My handwriting is just horrible!!!

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