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There are several things one can do to love their own handwriting, the most important is to accept that it is unique and that someday, people you know and love will treasure those handwritten pieces because they will recognize your handwriting.  This is the first thing I taught in many classes on how to journal.

Then we dug into how to make our handwriting pretty.  Below is a hand out I created for my hand lettering class.  These are some of my best tips for making your handwriting fun and different.  The one tip that is not on this sheet but is on most of the others I gave out was the number one secret to how to learn to love your handwriting.

Handout from Lettering Class

Are you ready, here it is, revealed right here on Concrete Detail, for you— the secret is, well, hang on, it actually applies to pretty much everything you will do in your life that is worth doing.  You will need to practice.  A LOT!

No matter the craft, no matter the task, if there is something you want, you must take time and practice.

This little practice sheet is simply a start on how to have fun learning to love your handwriting.

Remember, if what you want is nice handwriting, to learn to use colors, to write poetry, short stories, novels whatever you love,  no matter what you want to master you just need to practice!



2 thoughts on “How to love your handwriting

  1. My handwriting is so bad that sometimes I can’t even read it. So, I just use my word processor to be safe. This will come in handy though when I finally decide to improve my lack of prowess in the handwriting department.

  2. I found a lovely saying which I hand-wrote and pasted in my workbook “Someday we older folk will use cursive writing as a secret code” 🙂

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