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I had an assignment in college many years ago to write a poem and I struggled.  Oh boy, did I struggle! I never considered myself a poet.  They are deep thinkers, in touch with emotions and bring us to a place of understanding.  I spoke with my professor at the time and as I was literally at a loss for words.  He said to me, think about something that has happened to you or someone you love that caused you to feel.  That thing that you couldn’t explain at the time how you felt.  Then write that.  It took me a few days of thought to realize that I had felt alone once in a sea of emotion that I didn’t understand.  As a visual learner, I looked for something to help me with this prompt.  This image painted by Mavis Sherwood touched me. I present to you The (Absolutely Not) Melodramatic Poem — clearly I use humor to express myself as well.


Painting by Maris Sherwood

Trapped by her words,

raven hair falls, covering her face.

Head drops low,

How did she come to this place?


Perpetual slouch

and a quivering chin

Shaking, trembling, shivering

she discloses her sin.

Scars on her legs

her soul, her back.

Three thousand, maybe more

she has lost track.

She’s been discovered

her world now shattered.

A query so harsh,

it left her battered.

The truth revealed,

her cheeks tingled and burned.

All secrets lay bare

she is left fully spurned.


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