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In the spirit yesterday’s post on distraction-free writing, I feel like sharing it is important to provide a tool.  I recently was made aware of a free (also at-cost options) RescueTime management program that one can add directly to their computer.  It is not just a “social media blocker”.  Which while often helpful a little to easy for me to turn off.  Rescue Time allows you to analyze when you are distracted.  I love that!  It helps me see when I am at my weakest.

I believe having the information, helps me to learn to refocus myself.  The program keeps track of my productivity.  Sometimes, as a writer, I need to go to sites that are considered social media for research.  When I look at the big picture provided by Rescue Time.  Just simply blocking out a few sites may allow me to be productive for a few hours, but the real idea is to see what I am actually getting done.  I highly recommend this program to help you avoid the distractions but to develop a plan on how to overcome your weak times!

Let’s get these books written people!  Check out the site HERE 

One last thought:

To be fair, I am pretty new to this software and it may be I find some issues down the road. (I will report to you, of course, if that happens.) I have in my time using the program found it incredibly helpful in pinpointing my wasted time.


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