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OYN-Book-Bundle-165Hard to believe but true!  It’s even easier to use too! Many moons have passed since I talked about K.M. Weiland’s book Outlining Your Novel. I wrote a review a long time ago on this site, you can find it HERE. The book also has a companion workbook.  I love the workbook but I hated that I had to literally write out so much in notebooks because I didn’t want to mar my workbook.

While perusing, (did you know most people don’t know that the word perusing actually means to review with great care)  K.M. Weiland’s website I stumbled on the somewhat newly developed software that works with the concepts in this amazing book.  Please do still read the book it is fantastic for pantser and outliner alike.

It didn’t take me long to find the shopping cart and quickly whip out my credit card and soon was downloading the software version of Outlining Your Novel.  I tacked it to my taskbar for easy access and never looked back!

Now for the review, I knew the product would be high quality because everything I have from KM Weiland is of the highest quality.  I guess that is why I decided to just go for it.  I was not disappointed.   I found the software to be very easy to navigate and the software is very user-friendly.   After inputting my outline (I used my current WiP)  I discovered plot issues and a few character issues in my current WiP.  There is a flow to the software that really was helpful in finding those things.  I also truly appreciate that Weiland and her software engineers included a downloadable PDF for getting started. I am a big fan of instructions in paper form (mostly because I like being able to see both screen and “help/ how to” functions at the same time).

Links to find The workbook for How to Outline Your Novel for PC 

Link to find The Workbook for How to Outline Your Novel on Mac 




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