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I was looking over the list this year.  I found it full of amazing sites that are inspiring and fantastic!  Let’s face it Writer’s Digest is pretty amazing publication too which is why I respect all the choices they made!  It’s going to take a long time for me to go through all those sites.   However, I was surprised not to see these sites included in the 101 websites best list. I wanted to be sure it got out there in the universe some others that I feel they missed.  These are sites that are all websites that are focused on helping writers become better writers, encourage us in the trenches and provide tools that also aid in our quest for the perfect words.

My Top Five Missed websites by Writer’s Digest MAY/JUNE 2018 – 101 Best Websites for writers:

  1. One Stop for Writers  (How did they miss this one?!!! Just the Collection of Thesauruses are enough to make it on the list, not to mention the stacks and all the other stuff.  See my review Part I  and Part II  )
  2. Writers Helping Writers (see above^^^ then seriously, so many amazing posts I have to print them out and put them in a binder. AMAZING!)
  3. Jerry Jenkin’s Guild (albeit they are not open for enrollment year round it’s pretty fabulous! There are so many videos/webinars that you are going to be blown away. I spent an entire week sharing all the stuff on this site Check it out here Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V)
  4. Scribophile (amazing community of giving, wonderful writers that will for the most part critique you work with fairness and objectivity. My review Part I, Part II )
  5. Visual Thesaurus (If you need a new word for something — this is where you need to go. Check out my review HERE for more info)

With this being said, I also want to share my top 5 picks that DID appear in the top 101:

  1. DIY MFA  – to be honest, this is my 2018 book pick thus far! Gabriela Pereira is #wordnerdqueen (She also has an AMAZING article in MAY/JUNE 2018  issue on Blogging! ) Here I am gushing over this book  HERE
  2. Helping Writers Become Authors (got best of the best for good reason) KM Weiland is #bosschic – I wrote about her newish Novel Workbook Software earlier this week
  3. SixWord Memoirs (another best of the best)  (Review is scheduled for later this year)
  4. Critters Workshop (review pending)
  5. Mystery Writers of America 
    1. Alternate if you’re not a Mystery Writer: Better Novel Project (review pending)

There are many resources out there friends!  Don’t get too lost in all the information.  Take some time AFTER you have written on your WiP for the day and check these out.

Rock those words!


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