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writershelpingwriters_logo_6x6inch_final_optI feel it is only fair to state this from the beginning.  I have a writer’s crush on Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglist.  I found the Emotional Thesaurus on accident really.  I ordered a book on Amazon and the “people that have purchased this title also…”.  The book title caught my eye and I ordered it.  Well, it came and inside I found GOLD!   The content was fantastic- still is. I then proceeded to purchase every single one of the books offered by these writers.  They are for sure my GO TO books when I am writing.  I carry them everywhere, they are beat up, highlighted, post-it poking out of loved books!  (FYI: you can buy The Emotional Thesaurus and all the other amazing thesauruses in the collection book here.)

I used the book for a long time then I found the authors directed me to their website.  ( I must admit, I was leery as it had been my experience that writers that offer to help other writers usually want you to invest hundreds of dollars into classes or webinars.  The book, however, stated there was a worksheet I wanted there, I figured go check it out.  I want to say first, that I have no issue with people with information I want charging for it.  I have been a little jaded by all the “helpful” writing advice that offers to help but really they want this writer to help them by dipping deep into my pocket and shell out a lot of dough for elementary advice.  That was NOT the case with this site. BOY OH BOY was I surprised. These two women have put out some of the best help and advice I have ever seen for free, online.

Let’s Take a Look:

The Writing Tools Tab Filled with free PDFs for writers to use to better their stories.  A few of those PDF are:

  1. Character Arc Progression Tool (PDF)
  2. Backstory Wound Profile (PDF)
  3. Setting Planner (PDF)
  4. Character Target Tool (PDF)
  5. Weak Verb Converter Tool – One of my favorites (PDF)

And so many more!

You will also find Marketing Hand Outs on this page too!  Real information from people that have dug in the trenches just like us!

The Resources for Writers Tab

This section is broken into several topics.  Here are some of them:

  1. Informative Publishing Industry Information, Blogs& Groups (SP&Legacy)
  2. Platform, Marketing, and Promotional Advice
  3. Protect Yourself & Your writing
  4. Unique Writing Tools
  5. Editing Service

And many more!

These are a few pages on the blog but the gold is the blog.  Do yourself a favor, sign up for the emails.  They add such rich content and continue to add to the thesaurus entries, So many good post.  YES FOR FREE! WHAT!!!

A few of my favorite recent post include: (I am not including Thesaurus Entries but I have loved everyone they posted and printed it out!

  1. Dive Deep With Emotion
  2. How to Keep Writing When That Critical Inner Critic Won’t Shut Up
  3. The Destructive Power of The Lie Your Character Believes
  4. Outlining Your Future Book in 30 Minutes
  5. Quieter Protagonist: Three Ways to Help Them Steal the Stage 

With this kind of REAL help, you will find yourself plowing through your book.  NOW if you have written on you WiP today, check out some of these too.  Just remember where you found them! 🙂

Rock those words!





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