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Erika Hayes, Author – Write like a reader, read like a writer and edit like a beast!

Let’s take a look at another great reason to use writing prompts.  They can help us discover and uncover emotions.  What is the saying, “Show, Don’t Tell.”  How do we learn to do that?  We need to explore showing.  What does it feel like to feel excited?  When you dig into a particular emotion, you need to think about how that feels, what happens to you physically and emotionally.  Doing that makes us better writers. It is good to think about and write the different aspects of emotion, the sight, sound, taste etc to have a good grasp of how to show it and not tell it.

I have chosen to make this our final prompt for the week. An experiment in emotion. It will be a challenge because TELLING me the sound will be easy, showing me may be a bit harder.  GOOD LUCK!

Here is the prompt for the last day of the week.  Writing-Prompt-5

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