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One of my favorite things in this big world is words.  (Go figure!)  Many years ago I started writing down words I heard that caught me either by surprise or that I just love the sound of the word.

I thought it might be fun this week to share a few from my list.  On this fantastic journey, we call life I have run across some really cool ones.  Today’s word was one that had me checking out the origin of the word and I had a pretty good idea it was rooted in the Bible.  I was right.  This word’s origin comes from the story when God confused the languages of all mankind.  You can read about the tower of Babel (gateway to God) in Genesis 11.

I hope you enjoy today’s word feel free to add a few of your favorites in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Words, Wonderful Words

  1. Interesting to know where words come from, we have a word in Norwegian that is “bable” and it kind of means the same 🙂

  2. Golda says:

    What a fun word!

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