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Yes, indeed, it’s another word fun post.   I keep a list of unique and awesome words I want to weave into my life.  I have read that one of the best things a writer, or really a human being can do is to continue to learn new words.

Today’s word is one I have had on my “Word Nerd” list for a while.  I was in a children’s lit class when I heard it the first time.  We had a speaker come and share about dealing with rejection and I remember this published author sharing this was the word that stuck in her head after a particularly rough session with her peers.  She had submitted this work and the very next day she was called because her agent had sold it.  She said, don’t let words be what halt your writing, one man’s doggerel is another man’s doggone it this is good.

The word stuck with me after that story.  As did the idea that my books may not be for everyone, but they are for someone!



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