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If you have read this blog very long you know I am in LOVE  with Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi’s collection of thesauruses for writers. I love that they help me to be a better shower and not so much a teller.  This word is one that I added to my showing list.  I love that my characters can have flair and display a fleering look.

Words are pretty magnificent, this is one reason I love writing. As a writer, my job is to dig out the perfect words to paint the mental pictures that will fill the minds of readers.  That is a big responsibility, and I take it VERY seriously.  I hope this week of fun words will encourage you to begin a list of words you can use to enrich the reader’s experience when they are reading your prose.



One thought on “Show me words…

  1. angelaackerman1 says:

    Ah, you are the best, Erika! I am so glad you totally gel with our little book series. There’s nothing more satisfying for me than knowing they are helping people! Love the fun words idea! 🙂

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