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I love finding new ways to describe looks.  Yesterday, I told you about using words to show and not tell.  I shamelessly plugged the Emotional Thesaurus books also, because well they show you how to do just that!  (Really you need these books.  They will make you a better writer.  I digress)

This particular word is one that I love because it does just that.  It is a wonderful way to avoid the words dull and or stupid.  I mean it gets hard sometimes to come up with ways to express common words.  While I am not a fan of calling an individual stupid, I do recognize that actions can sometimes display stupidy.  I really like this particular word because it can be used as a descriptor for actions and in the example a look.  This look can help our readers learn a new word! That is even more fun!  It is not terribly common, according to Merriam Webster its popularity is in the bottom 20% of words.  It may be a fun word to revive. Share some of your favorite less common words.

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