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How she sees herself!

I moved back today’s scheduled post to share this lesson I learned from my dog.  I have mentioned in a previous post, that I have a service dog.  This is her.  Her name is Dash.  She does a lot of me, but this weekend she taught me a very important lesson.

We went to Flagstaff this weekend, for a family event.  We decided to stay a few days in the RV and I was able to spend time getting some writing done and enjoying the surrounding area.  My husband, Dash and I stopped a Buffalo Park for a hike.  When we got out of the truck, there was a beautiful Great Dane (I love Danes, I have owned three) that was just coming off the trail.  Dash put it in four-wheel drive and charged this enormous male Great Dane. We all had a good laugh.  Her little self was ready to take on that big dog, she didn’t even think twice.

We took our hike and as we were coming out, I wanted to get a photo of the Buffalo at the front of the park.  I put Dash up near the statue to get a fun memory. She of course complied, she is pretty sassy when the camera comes out.

Once we were in the car, I had to laugh because the photo (above) made me take a moment and see her as she sees herself.  She sees herself as a big dog.   She is never intimidated by the giants she faces.  I realized something.  I have giants like the Great Dane sized fear of failing as a writer.  It cripples me from time to time.  I look at this photo and look at my little Dash.  She stood strong and brave today.  The threat was null, that Great Dane was as sweet and gentle as a fly.  The truth is most my fears are null as well.

I need to take this photo and put me in Dash’s place.  I need to see my little self as the giant that will conquer anything.

I see that I may be a little writer today, but if I see my self as a giant, I will be.   #howIshouldseemyself  #don’tbackdown  #lessonsfrommydog  Thanks, Dash!


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