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If you didn’t know already, I read A LOT!  Like A LOT.  I love all kinds of stories but I am a huge mystery fan.  On several occasions, I have found words that I thought meant one thing and discovered it means something other than I thought.   I admit it, I thought this word meant enormous.  Imagine my surprise when I clicked on this word on my Kindle because I thought the author used the wrong word, to discover the actual meaning of the word. (Insert little-embarrassed emoji here.)  I was officially schooled.

I am very happy to share with you that Enormity doesn’t mean enormousness, but extreme evil.  As a mystery writer, (muhahaha)  I have added understanding to this word and you know it will soon appear in its correct usage.

Have a great weekend my friends!  Keep writing, keep reading, keep being that awesome you that you are!



One thought on “This is HUGE, not really

  1. Golda says:

    This is really interesting! I have been enjoying your misunderstood words. This one I definitely didn’t know. Thank you for the insight. I love your love of words.

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