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Today is another of those writer peeks.  Well, partly.  Everyone is multi-pronged.  Writers have many things they do besides write.  For instance, I have started another blog to focus on the more artistic side of me– and by artistic, I mean the artsy crafty side of me. You can find it here.  Erika Hayes Artistic Detail

When I decided to start an art blog again I thought about how the characters we write need to have multiple sides. No one likes reading flat characters.    I have read a lot of books about how to write a character but I guess it was making this blog today that whacked me upside the head.   I am not only a writer, but an artist, a mom, a wife, a friend there are a lot of things that I do that if you only read this blog may never know about me.  I am an artist.  I spent over twenty years working in the paper arts industry.  You may not know that means, but it’s very cool. I know many people that read this blog read it because I mostly talk about writing and words. The thing is there is more to me than my adoration of the written word.

What does all this mean?  I learned something about character development today.  Take some time when you are writing a character, give them other interest.  It may be that your reader is exposed mostly to one thing about your character, and only see a peek of this alter ego.  However, when you are writing, giving your readers peeks into the other sides of the characters create a multi-dimensional character that is relatable.  I realized that if I take time to create a new blog (dimension) to my character, even if it only pops up once or twice in a book, it allows my readers to see that character as a real person.

Everyone has many different interests and one or two interest that really drive them.  Take advantage of that.  When you are working on your character, find out what their favorite candy bar and why.  Discover the hobby they enjoy is it cross-stitching? Do they take classes to better that interest?  Do they share that love with someone else or hide it.  Could it be he/she is nervous to let that part of themselves be exposed?

If you have a cop that is passionate about justice but also likes to hook-latch rugs it shows a softer side.  Maybe your supporting character likes to ice skate and that link can help them bust the case open.  It will help you, in the long run, to take some time and discover other aspects of the lives of your characters.

All from starting a blog on something I love doing in addition to writing.  *and yes I was a hardcore scrapbooker for a long time! but I mostly make cards now.  Add dimension to those protagonists and antagonist by taking time to discover more about them, create layers and you will be writing unforgettable characters.

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