Concrete Detail

Erika Hayes, Author – Write like a reader, read like a writer and edit like a beast!


Simple everyday things.  Water.  Most people see it every single day.  Today I would like you to take a moment and observe water in an active state.  You can run water out of a tap, you can sit in front of a fountain and watch it move, a river, a stream, any place it is actively moving.  Then take a moment and describe the movement. Don’t be afraid to let it take you to a more thoughtful place.  Don’t resist your exercise, let it stretch beyond a simple description.


It is liquid, moldable to my will.  I place my hand beneath the warmth of the stream pouring out. I spread out my fingers, and it bends to my command.  Now four separate channels tumble fluidly.  I can bring them together with a thought, then rip them apart.  It follows a path that easily manipulated.  Each molcule rushing forward behind another.  They cling together to create a transparent, gift of life. Without it, our kind would expire. It is more valuable than any precious metal.  Yet, because it’s abundance it is regarded only in times of its absence.  It passes smoothly over my skin, bringing comfort and relief.  The current continues relentlessly.  It holds energy clean and powerful. The fall meets resistance and scatters.  Regrouping it settles to a new path, always seeking a new destination.


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