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EIO---#3Okay, it’s Friday and we’ve made it through another week.  I think we deserve a treat.

I figure a sweet treat is a good way to go.  While we are at it we can use this time to exercise our observation skills.  Observing outside of the obvious is the most important way to sharpen the skills we need as writers to explore and expose our readers to the little things they may miss.  Grab your favorite candy (go for sweet for this exercise) and describe the texture.  I want you to avoid the obvious flavor reasons to enjoy the candy.  You can add some flavor words, but try and focus on the texture.  You may just discover the reason you like that candy has more to do with the texture than the taste.


My mouth waters in anticipation.  Endorphins rushing, comfort, dare I say a moment of bliss.  The protective edible shell gives way to the soft creamy goodness in the center.  Nothing sticky just airy fluffy goodness.  My tongue relishes in the consistency, pushing the bite to the roof of my mouth, pressing it preparing for the descent.  I nibble again.  A fleeting moment, I  fight the pangs of guilt, calculate the number of minutes I need to spend in the gym to void out this pleasure. The silver wrapper crinkles as I pull it down to gain access to the next morsel.  I sigh, close my eyes sinking teeth deeply, breaking away the next section.  Slowly, I move the piece over my tongue to absorb the texture, I feel the chocolate melt away in the heat of my mouth blending with the whipped nougat.  Too quickly I am left holding only empty evidence of my stolen moment.

My candy:  Three Musketeer’s Bar.  🙂


One thought on “How sweet it isn’t – EIO

  1. Ma’am may I use your word choice and lines in my writing. I frequently run out of words. The lines you pen are always pleasing.😊

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