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Mood-of-Orange…that you’re a writer?  You should be.  One thing about writers is they are always learning.  You have no choice.  When you writer you’re always researching cool new things.  I hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s post on the color red.

Today we are looking at my favorite color.  I love the color orange.  Interestingly, the color orange is the most powerful color on the color wheel.  It demands attention.  For this reason, it is used for safety vest and cones and ways to get the attention of anyone that sees it.  Imagin what that means for writing.  When you use descriptions of the color orange it will pull forward in the mind of the reader.

Orange is a blend of red and yellow, so the power comes from the energy of red and the happiness of yellow (more on that tomorrow)

Psychology says:

Orange is energetic and inviting and will stimulate emotions.  The meaning  and associations of oranges could include: Joy, caution, heat, creativity, encouragement, change, freedom of sexuality happiness, fun, hospitality, enjoyment, friendliness, rejuvenating, uplifting,  balance, warmth, food, belonging, home, security, abundance and enthusiasm


Using Orange as a writer:

  • Some ways to use orange are in descriptions of caution.  Including using different shades with brighter colors being used to show extreme caution.  Example:  Flares were burning on the side of the road but the bright orange vest cast aside was bloodstained.
  • In poetry, you can weave warmth into your prose simply describing the sun glowing in a soft orange.
  • For fun, I can’t think of anything better than using children and carving pumpkins.  Example: When Gracie ran into the house, her mother pulled off her shirt then sniffed at the smear of orange. “Did you have fun carving the pumpkin with Daddy?” she asked.
  • Orange can be difficult to weave into your words because often the color describes an object – even the word “orange” is also a fruit!

Dress your characters in orange when:

  • You want them to be brave
  • Spontaneous
  • Outgoing
  • Creative

Other names for the color orange:

Tiger, Honey, carrot, squash, spice, sandstone, rust, fire, marigold, tangerine, marmalade, amber, yam, apricot, clay, ginger, cider, cantaloupe, (see I told you lots of oranges are named after foods or objects)

Emotions Associated with Orange:

Different shades of Orange are important in the meaning.  Red-Oranges will relate to pleasure, desire, domination.  Golden oranges are more associated with wisdom, wealth, quality and prestige. Dark oranges are associated with distrust.  Light oranges are more soothing and friendly

Physical Associations – Comfort – food, warmth, shelter, sensuality. It is also a ‘fun’ color.

Negatively Associations –  When warm oranges are used with black the resulting reaction to the color may be one of deprivation.  Other Negative reactions may include frustration, frivolity, immaturity.

NOTE: This information is being adapted from visual arts.


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    The moods associated with the colors is interesting.

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