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Writing-Prompts-1The next few weeks are to put it mildly, crazy for me. By mildly I mean totally nuts and not mild at all.  With work, writing deadlines, VBS, getting ready to go on vacation and additional travel, I am overwhelmed.  Writing is vital to my being.  I sometimes have thoughts or observations that demand I write them.

I wrote a piece while driving down the road in my head the other day.  The idea of skin hovered over my consciousness, I thought maybe we are wrong.  All of us.  Maybe we think things and just don’t know the truth about skin.  I had to pull over and put pen to page because it needed to get it out.  I decided to make it a writing prompt for my blog.   I hope you will also look at this as an EIO (exercise in observation)  as it really is a bit of both.



What is wrong with her skin?

I am told it holds a mind that is closed,

and claims to be blind.

What is wrong with her skin?

It lacks warmth.

I am told she will  hold you in an embrace, but a

knife is poised to strike

What is wrong with her skin?

It doesn’t match mine.

What is wrong with her skin?

Does it define her thoughts of others?

What attitude leaks from her pores?

What’s wrong with her skin?

It didn’t fit what I thought it should

It held kindness, thoughtfulness

More warmth than I could see

No, it didn’t judge, it was simply different than me

She surprised me.

What is wrong with her skin?

No, it wasn’t like mine

Yet, inside it was just like me.

One thought on “Skin

  1. Golda says:

    What an interesting take on “skin”. Your mind amazes me, my friend.

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