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images (2)I have a confession.  I have almost made it to the ending of my book and my life got super crazy and I used it all as an excuse to not write.  I have surfed the internet, watched television and read a lot of books all the time ignoring the thing that I claim to have such a passion for, writing.  I realized for the first time since dedicating myself to this life of a writer, that I missed a day posting to my blog.  It was at about 9:00pm on Friday night that I sat up in my chair and said to my husband “I didn’t post to my blog today.”  I had a sudden sadness overtake me.  I realized that I let myself down.  My writing is vital to me, but I lost my motivation for a little while.

The good news is the weather had a funny turn here in the Valley of the Sun.  The clouds moved in and believe it or not we didn’t even break 90 degrees today. Note, it is the middle of June, our usual temps are hovering in the 107s.  Funny thing about cloudy days, they are my jam for writing. I wrote today.  I was excited again.  The thing is this, writers lose motivation from time to time.  The important thing is we need to get back on track.  I am back on track.  I hope to share some ideas for motivating yourselves when you find yourself struggling to get pen to page.  Today, I am thankful that I was able to get back on the horse so to speak.

Hang in there everyone, keep writing.


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  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Erika.

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